About Holmgaard.

We are a family of 5. Aage, Inge and our 3 grown-up children. We grow strawberries, peas, onions, potatoes and blackberries.

We are picking strawberries on 8-9 hectares, and this summer we need about 70 young people to help us. Usually we have pickers from many different EU –countries, and we are trying to establish an international camp, where you can meet young people from many other countries. The season starts about the middle of June and last 6– 7 weeks depending on wind and weather. During the whole season we have about 80 – 100 pickers. We start picking strawberries at 6 a.m. and work until noon. It depends a little of the amount of strawberries, we need to pick that day.

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"Strawberry Fields -on Samsø"


Camping facilities:

Right next to our farm we have a campsite, where you can place your tent, and in the middle there is a place for a bonfire, and there is a football playing field. We also have toilets- and shower- room, and a kitchen with electric cookers and fridges and a TV-room. It costs 25 kr.`s a day to stay in the camp.


Our farm is situated 300 m. from the beach , and close to good angling places, and 800 m. from the inlet. The nearest busstop is 3 km.´s away in a small town called Besser. You can rent a bike.

If you would like to pick strawberries on our farm, then fax or E–mail as soon as possible. You have to tell your name, address, age, phonenumber and perhaps your e-mail address. You also have to tell, when you can start picking strawberries. You will hear from us, and get further information. You have to speak english!
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  Inge og Aage Madsen “Holmgaard“
Sildeballe 35, 8305 Samsø, Denmark. tlf. +45 86591430 fax +45 86591403
E- mail adr.: holmgaard@brdr-madsen.dk